The Freedom of Summer is Good for Your Soul

I love summer time!

School is out for almost everyone.  The kids are off to summer jobs or enjoying the luxury of sleeping in.  Mornings are slow and calm.  This parent has a lot less driving to do and a lot less nagging.  No more homework, no more projects, no more school related meetings.  The sun has even popped out once or twice this month, and I went to my second outdoor summer concert this week.

Summer is the time to slow down, refuel and reconnect.  Almost everyone will take some form of vacation, whether it is a weekend of camping, a trip to the beach or maybe even something longer and more adventurous.

Many of us will have a bit more time to be with friends and families enjoying picnics, sightseeing, concerts, camp-outs, barbeques, and bonfires,(with marshmallows and dark chocolate of course).

Taking time off from our regular routine not only allows us respite but it also provides us the opportunity to reconnect with our deeper selves.  We get the extra moment for reflection, we get the extra moment for play, we get the extra moment for love.

I wish we could have summer all year-long.  It’s not that I am lazy (I might be, but that’s not the point), it’s just that I think people would be healthier and happier if we all embraced the value of summer throughout the year.

So, to all my friends and yogis, I wish you a summer full of:

  • rest
  • music
  • dancing
  • sunshine
  • friendship
  • good books
  • fresh berries
  • corn on the cob
  • walks in the moonlight
  • strolling along the beach
  • hiking in the woods
  • family
  • bonfires
  • meditation
  • YOGA

Shalom & Namaste

Diana Bonyhadi


Great News at Kharma Bella Yoga

Great News at Kharma Bella Yoga

Yoga Wall: Come check out the new addition to the Kharma Bella Studio.  We have installed a yoga wall.  Book a private session and experience the amazing benefits of working with a rope and wall system for enhancing your asanas and healing your body. Just drop me an email, or give me a call, and we’ll get you set up for your introduction to the wonders of the yoga wall.

Speaking of Privates:  I highly recommend them.  They are great for tuning up your practice, exploring poses deeper, or working at a more therapeutic level, that can only be achieved when working individually with your teacher.  Privates are also great as an introduction to yoga.  If you know of someone who has been hankering to try yoga, but is worried about going to a class of Gumby bodies and feeling left out, this is a great and safe way to discover yoga.

Radio:  I have signed on to co-host a radio show on Mondays at 1:00pm on 1150AM  KKNW.  (I know, this is big news. It took a real leap of faith for me.)  I am joining the wonderful Ajayan Borys of Effortless Mind Mediation on Mind Matters Radio.  Together we will be exploring the intersections of yoga and meditation and all things glorious about your mind, spirit and body.  Tune in next Monday to hear about the first yama, Ahimsa (non-violence) as I discuss the many (obvious and not so obvious ways) this weaves through our lives and our practice.

Music:  Here is a treat: The Toure-Raichel Collective: Wonderful acoustic music. Check out this link, and maybe even attend their show April 28th at the Triple Door.  Thank my son Ben for the link.

Classes continue to fill and expand. Be sure to arrive with enough time to get signed in and settled in, so you can fully enjoy your wonderful self in class.

Happy Spring,
Shalom & Namaste,

Diana Bonyhadi

Inspiration in the Holiday Season

Saturday Morning Ramblings:

The sunrise was amazing – I no longer sleep in like a teenager, instead I get up, meditate and watch the sunrise.  Pinks and purples on snow-capped mountains.  I know I should have taken a picture to share with you, but I was too caught up in the moment.

Speaking of being caught in the moment, here is a video that should blow your mind.  Balance, Strength Endurance – is this yoga, ballet, dance, or meditation?  Whatever, you want to call it, it took my breath away.  I love Cirque du Soleil.

It has been a busy week for this blogger.  I have found blogging to be like yoga and meditation and practicing piano.  I have to set aside time to do it every day.  Otherwise, I won’t get to it.  It is not that I don’t like doing any of these things, I love doing them all, but they each take careful attention, quiet space, effort and energy.  And I am a perfectionist, so sometimes it is easier to put something off, than take the chance of just not getting it right. Oh there is a whole blog in that last statement. I won’t go into it now, but I’ll give you a hint – how do I let go of that inner judge and just flow in the present moment?  How can I do this in all aspects of my life and not just on the mat?

My son turned 18 this week.  Hard to believe that he can be that old.  And here is something I especially appreciate about him.  He loves being a child.  Not in a childish, whiny, self-indulgent, needy 2-year-old way, but in the love of the moment way.  He likes to play, read, and hang out with us.  He really enjoys each moment, and is not afraid to be silly or sad, quiet or loud, intellectual or goofy.  He is not afraid to be himself.  I wish I was that clear when I was his age.

Gyrokenesis: Here is something new to try.  Developed by a former ballet dancer, gyrokinesis, is a gentle flowing of the body, and lubricating of the spine and joints. After the hour-long session I felt warm, energized, and calm.   “Gyrotonic incorporates three-dimensional circular motion to promote coordinated and efficient movement throughout the body while simultaneously strengthening the muscular attachments and ligamentous tissue.”
The Gryotonic Movement Center in Wallingford is a good place to go check it out – from a yoga perspective, it felt very much like getting in touch with the Kundalini, and if you haven’t done that yet, you should.

Holiday Cheer:  I do love this season.  Well, actually, I don’t like being cold, but I do love the lights, the spirit, the parties and the food.  Speaking of food, you must check out this website.  I plan on making everything in their most recent post.  Another thing I love about this season is the Nutcracker.  Probably because I have two children who are ballet dancers, but also because I really like the music.  Try plugging this in while you do your holiday baking and see if it doesn’t put a bounce in your step.

Holiday Giving:  Another thing I like about this season is the giving of gifts.  There really is something special about finding just the right gift for your brother/sister/husband/wife/best friend, etc.  But sometimes it can be a challenge to find just the right thing.  In this time of extreme abundance and poverty, we don’t want to be cluttering our friends and families’ home with just more stuff.  So, I share with you my go-to, living-in-balance and doing-a-mitzvah gift of the season: Nothing But Nets.  These guys have figured out a way to save lives, fight malaria, and work together with local NGOs and communities in the Horn of Africa to stop the spread of malaria.  A $10.00 donation could save five young lives and that is a big deal.

Okay, I am off to go gather cedar boughs for the home, string up some twinkling lights and watch my children create magic on stage in the Nutcracker.

Have a great week.  Shalom & Namaste

Diana Bonyhadi