Testimonials – What Folks are saying

Testimonials – What people are saying

Check out what some of students from Kharma Bella Yoga have to say about the classes.  These comments are made by private clients as well as students who attend regular classes.  Knowing what to expect from your teachers, helps you to choose the best class for who your are and what your body needs.

Ode to Diana From Bonnie of Issaquah

I arrived for my private in a beleaguered, lost funk;
We centered to the timbre of Gregorian monk.

Her home, beautiful and artistic, reflected her self;
How to describe her? 9 parts goddess, 1 part elf?

She read me and healed me
While she kindly revealed me.

Considering a private lesson of yoga?
You need a guru sans the toga?

Your soul is crying, along with mind and body?
Spend time with the divine Diana Bonyhadi!

“When I met Diana I was recovering from an Achilles’ tendon rupture and had limited mobility.  She demonstrated great flexibility and caring in developing a special program for me that allowed me to grow into a full yoga practice as I recovered from the injury.  Diana has great knowledge of the art, both the physical movements and also the philosophical underpinnings.  Her ability to read my unique needs and create a program that is fun and personalized has been very life enriching.  Thank you Diana!”

“People ask me how I have the energy to manage all the challenges in my life.  And I know the answer:  Every time I practice with Diana, I always come away at peace, feeling recharged and nourished.  I know I couldn’t have done this without her.”

“I have only attended a few of Diana’s classes so far but plan on going to many more.  Over the years I’ve primarily taken Iyengar and Vinyassa yoga, and appreciate that Diana offers a range of focus on position and concentration as well as flow in her classes.  Diana holds each student preciously, by listening to what they need that day as well as what is and is not comfortable for their individual bodies.  The music is nice, and her sense of humor and dedication to the art and beauty of yoga are much appreciated.  I recommend dropping in on one of her classes to have a direct experience.”

“You really taught me a lot about my own practice, scaling back and not trying to “power through”.   You gave me a really strong foundation.”

“I went home yesterday after my first class and told my husband ” Today I started my new life, and it is yoga.”  Thank you Diana for opening the door.”

“You were right about having beaucoup energy after yoga last night – I was a whirlwind when I got home.  You lead the greatest yoga classes Diana……I don’t feel complete when I miss one.  Thank you”  Terry

I think Diana is a terrific teacher!

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