My Mind is in a Fog

Ever notice that some days, your brain just feels foggy?  Like you have a plugged up nose for a brain?  Today is one of those for me.  I know what I have to do to clear it.  Get moving, do my practice, do some meditation.  And yet, there is something sort of luxurious about being in the mist.  You know it will clear, but the blurred lines make the world seem a bit softer.  I am reminded of that famous poem by Emily Dickinson.  Who wants to add that quote as a comment?

Music Update:  April 16 at 8:00pm – Shakti West

Steven Gold is coming to Seattle to do a celebratory Kirtan.  This is going to be a magical evening.  Your heart will sing and your body will move.  I can’t wait.  Need more encouragement, go to his website and download some music.

Classes yesterday were wonderful.  The students fill the space with such spirit.  Thank you yogis and yoginis.
I think the fog is clearing, both literally and figuratively.  The sun is beginning to shine through, and the world beckons.
Shalom & Namaste

2 thoughts on “My Mind is in a Fog

  1. Sorry to say I’m not familiar with the Emily Dickinson poem you are alluding to…….but for some reason it brought to mind one of my favorite poems……the road not taken. It’s brilliant in that each and every time i read or recite it I get it.


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