Vacation – Being present in the rush to go

Vacation – that long awaited break from the routine.  Ahhhh.  You make the reservations, contact your friends and count the days. And then, there is that last minute scury to get out the door.  Clean, pack, dash off the last few emails and pay a couple of bills, take out the last load of laundry and stuff it in your bag.  And whoosh, you’re gone.

But the real question seems to me to be:  How do we preserve and integrate the best of vacation mentality into our daily lives?  How do we prevent ourselves from getting so revved up in the preparations, that we find ourselves at the departure gate stressed out and burned out?  How do we stayed focused and clear and present, even if there is something really amazing that is on the horizon?

Because that’s the thing, isn’t it?  It is up to all of us to find and embrace that vacation mentality in each and every moment of every day.  This is the teaching that every wisdom teacher has given us.

  • Be Present
  • Be Here Now
  • Grace is Yours
  • Breath in this Moment

And it is only through our presence that peace will come to us.  If I spend all my time getting ready to go, then I will miss what is beautiful in this moment.  If while I am on vacation, I am thinking and getting ready to go back to my daily life, then I will miss my vacation.

So, here I go, off to practice being present.  And to enjoy time spend with good friends I haven’t seen in a very long time.  And to find a couple of cool studios in which to practice.


P.S.  If I am in adhomukhasvanasna and I am thinking ahead to bhujhangaasna, then am I really in adhomukhasvanasana?

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