Today – Yoga With A Purpose

Today I am dedicating my teaching practice to Yoga with a Purpose. All Proceeds from my classes will be donated to the African Village Survival Initiative.  Simply by attending class, doing that which you know  nurtures your body, you will be doing something good for others.

We call this yoga of compassion.  Yoga of the heart.  Yoga to heal the soul of the planet.  Kharma/Seva Yoga – the highest form of yoga, which is an offering to the planet.

I wrote about the AVSI last week, so if you want more information, go back a post or two, or link on out of here.

Come join one of my classes, or look to see what other studios in your area are supporting this week of Yoga with a Purpose.  Yogis across the country are offering classes, so if you haven’t chosen your studio/teacher for today, find one who is giving it up for AVSI.

Have a great day.

Shalom & Namaste,


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