An Egg-cellent Education

I have a friend who is 14. She wants to go to college. So she is raising hens and selling super fresh, local, organic eggs. Once a week I get 2 dozen eggs for $6.00. Now, if you like fresh organic eggs, you probably know that this is a great deal. I used to pay at least $5.00/dozen. The best thing is that these eggs are incredibly fresh and delicious.

If you want in on this deal, Let me know. You can post your request for eggs as a comment to this post.  I will forward your request on to my friend.   Eggs will be delivered every Saturday morning to Village Green Yoga in Gilman Village, Issaquah.  Thank you Jean for your support.

You can pick them up at your convenience. You can also sign up in person for the eggs while checking out the classes at Village Green Yoga.

Here’s to vision and perseverance and a college fund endowed by farm fresh eggs.

Shalom & Namaste,

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