Surfing the Big Waves

Okay, so this not really a yoga post. It is a post about being present.  It is about letting go and connecting with the sacred space.  It is about tapping into the energy of this glorious planet.  It is about doing what you love in full awareness. It is about fluidity in motion.  It is about strength and flexibility.  It is about connection.

Riding the Wave

This is a link to some of the most amazing surfing I have ever seen.  Talk about being present.  Check out this link, and be prepared to be amazed.  The footage is from the Billabong Pro championships in Tahiti, and clearly these guys are doing what they love and doing it with complete integrity.

Wait I take it back.  This is about yoga.

So, go out and do something you love today.  Embrace it fully and have fun.

Shalom & Namaste,

Diana Bonyhadi

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