March News: Seattle Yoga Events and More

ImageWhat?  Where did February go?  I know it has fewer days than the rest of the months, but really it did seem to fly by.  I hope you all enjoyed your leap day this year.  It’s fun to shake up your world, add an extra day, or do something wacky and new.  Just ask my students…we did some asanas (poses) you seldom get to explore, regardless of whether your have been practicing for years or months.  I even had to go and look up their Sanskrit names, I hadn’t used them in so long.  

I did take a mini vacation in February.  Kids had a school break so we headed down to Portland for a long weekend.  They have some seriously good food there.  The food carts are everywhere.  I love how they have turned empty lots in to multi-cultural food venues.  And we were wowed by the restaurants we  went to: Zells (best breakfast), Laurelhurst Market (specializing in superior cuts of meat – I had also had some amazing brussel sprouts), Slappy Cakes, where making your own pancakes is half the fun.  There are many cool neighborhoods with interesting stores, and plenty of brewpubs and coffee houses.  Oh, and there were a plethora of yoga studios scattered throughout town.  Good for a weekend get away.

Teaching Schedule
What more changes?  Yes, I am always working to provide as many classes as possible to more fully meet your interests and needs.  So I  have tweaked tweaked the schedule,  streamlining and yet enhancing the range of classes available to you.

Swedish Hospital
Tuesday & Thursday,  Noon – 1:00.
This level I class  focuses on setting your foundation and finding the appropriate alignment for your body in all yoga poses.  There is an additional focus on learning to understand and meet your own physical therapeutic needs through your practice.  Building strength, stamina and both mental and physical vitality are a critical component of this class. Click here for more information or to register for classes.

If you have not yet checked out the new facilities at Swedish Hospital on the Sammamish Plateau, you are missing out.  If you must get sick this is the place to go.  But if you are well, it is also the place to go.  Not only is it gorgeous and inspiring, they have a tremendous gift shop, and a fabulous clothing store featuring Lulu Lemon and Prana and many other great lines (this coming an avowed non-shopper is saying a lot).  They also have free child care.  And to top it off Cafe 1910 in the lobby serves some of the best and most reasonably priced local, organic fair trade meals I have found any where in the Seattle Area.  Oh and the yoga space – well, let me just say it is beautiful, well equipped and has an amazing view.

Village Green Yoga
Sunday – Thursday, 9:30 – 11:00
Thursday Evenings, 5:30 – 7:00
There are many great ways to deepen and expand your practice through my classes at Village Green Yoga.  I am pleased to be able to finally offer a cohesive teaching program that will provide opportunities to explore some of the more spiritual connections in your practice (Sunday Salutations), strengthen your understanding of alignment principles, structural anatomy and therapeutic adjustments (Monday & Wednesday Mornings) and as always, Tuesday and Thursdays are your chance to step into the flow, work up a sweat, rock out to some awesome music and …. breath.

I am really excited by how this is all working out to provide such a integrative and  comprehensive yoga program, and I look forward to dancing with you down this amazing path.

Other News & Events:

Jorge Sevillano at Village Green Yoga
Jorge is wonderful teacher, full of wisdom, experience and a sense of humor.  On March 24 he will be leading a workshop designed to introduce you to the benefits of meditation, chanting, and work with students to deepen their practice.  Click here to register

Great Teachers Coming Our Way
Oh it is good to live in Seattle.  Lots of excellent  teachers love to come to the Pacific Northwest and share their wisdom with us.  Check out just a few of the excellent teachers coming our way.   Some of these folks are experts in asana, others are offering us their meditation expertise, and some are leaders in flow yoga.  Just google their name and your will find out where and exactly when they are teaching.

Max Strom in March
Paul Ortega Muekker in March
Shari Friedrichson in May
Anna Forrest in August
Tias LIttle in September
Ross Rayburn in October
Rod Stryker in December

Wanderlust 2012
For those of you who are looking for a bit of travel, time in the sun and nature, and some awesomely good music and yoga, check out Wanderlust.  It will be happening in three amazing locations this summer: Vermont, Colorado and Tahoe, California.  This truly looks like a rocking good time, giving you the best of scenery, yoga, hiking, camping, climbing, and general outdoor frolicking.

This was a longer than normal update, but, well I missed a month, so there you go.  I’ll try to stick to the shorter and more frequent posts in the future.

Shalom & Namaste
Diana Bonyhadi

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