Why I Went To College

Why I went to College

If you ask someone who is about 17 why they are going to apply to college, in most cases, the honest answer would be…because my parents and my college counselor told me to.  In some instances you will hear that the person wanted to learn as much as they could from the best institution possible.  Or they might say they are going to college to play for the best college team in the country.  I highly doubt they will tell you that they are going to college to accrue debt, learn how to party, make friends that last a life time, oh, and maybe learn some accounting, biology, or how to write an essay.

I went to college because it was expected of me, not because I knew what I wanted to do with my life.  I ended up studying international affairs and psychology, becoming captain of my sailing team.  The dual degree led to a fascinating career in mediation and international collaborative problem solving, the sailing led to a great opportunities to crew on some excellent boats.  But, most importantly, because I went to college, I made friends that have supported and nurtured me for ever so many years.

Okay, how is this related to yoga???  Well, today I am flying to Palm Springs to help three of these friends celebrate their birthdays.  My plane was to leave at 1:00.  I got to the airport at noon, I boarded the plane at 12:30.  I sat on the plane till 2:30, I got off the plane – still in Seattle at 3:00.  I got back on a plane at 3:30, and now I am finally heading to Palm Springs. But…  never did I let this get to me.  In fact, it didn’t even occur to me to stress out.  I am thankful they figured out the plane shouldn’t fly while it was still on the ground.  I am thankful there was a fresh plane to take us to our destination.  I am thankful I have friends from 20 years ago I can go hang out with.  And…

I am thankful to my morning practice and my students for giving me the opportunity to deepen our practice together.  I am pretty certain that without the yoga, at this point my body would be complaining, my mind would be complaining and my energy would be all whacked-out.  But as it is, I am calm, happy and centered.

It’s all about staying present.

Letting go of expectations for the future.

Letting go of expectations for the past.

And rejoicing in the moment.

So, when someone asks you why you went to college,  or why you should go to college,  remember, the correct answer is… the parties, the friends, and the ability to write a good essay.

Shalom & Namaste,

Diana Bonyhadi

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