Summer Workshop in Cannon Beach


Discovering the Heart of Yoga

Dynamic Sequencing for Stability, Strength & Intentional Alignment

Moving from our core not only stabilizes our practice, it also invites us deeper into our selves.  Core strength refers not only to the strengthening and toning of the abdominal muscles which hold us in standing poses and allow us to float gracefully upward in inversions, it also refers to our ability to connect to the emotional essence of who we are, so that we may stand in our essence and act from our heart.

This workshop will help you discover the strength and stamina you need to live and move from the center of your being.  We will explore a  range of asanas, including backbends and inversions, as well as breath work (pranayama) and meditation.

Saturday, August 17th, 1:00 – 4:00pm

Cannon Beach Yoga Arts

$40, pre-registration strongly recommended

Workshop limited to 15 students

Register online at:

(503) 440 – 1649

3 thoughts on “Summer Workshop in Cannon Beach

  1. Ode to Diana

    I arrived for my private in a beleaguered, lost funk;
    We centered to the timbre of Gregorian monk.

    Her home, beautiful and artistic, reflected her self;
    How to describe her? 9 parts goddess, 1 part elf?

    She read me and healed me
    While she kindly revealed me.

    Considering a private lesson of yoga?
    You need a guru sans the toga?

    Your soul is crying, along with mind and body?
    Spend time with the divine Diana Bonyhadi!


  2. Part II

    This talk of core is often a real bore.
    Diana makes ab work a fun chore! J’adore!

    To paraphrase: The belly divulges our center, our essence.
    Allowing acting from the heart, one of life’s greatest presents.

    I’ll try not to be jealous, nor sad, nor awfully woebegone;
    But live vicariously through those of you at Cannon Beach, Oregon.


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