Adjusting to Fall Weather & New Opportunities

Good Morning Yogis,

If anyone had any question as to whether or not summer has ended, I think the last two weeks of rain should answer that question. But today, the sun has come out after so much rain.  I think everyone here in the Seattle region will be heading out-of-doors for at least an hour.  I am planning a several hour hike for myself.

There’s lots to do in the next few weeks.

Salmon Days this weekend in Issaquah, Harvest Festivals in Carnation and Duvall, Octoberfests in Fremont, theater, dance, concerts and symphonies.  The hardest part will be deciding how to spend our time and how to ensure we do not overdo.

With the change in Season, it is important to adjust our daily cycles to reflect the changes in weather and hours of daylight.  It’s time to establish new routines that allow you to get more sleep, eat warming foods, adjust your asana practice to create more heat for your body, set aside time for meditation, and take note of how you feel.  If you are tired – try to rest.  It is completely natural to feel a physical response to the changing season, the trick is to pay attention.

Svadhyaya, the 4th of the yamas reminds us that self-study is indeed an essential aspect of our yoga practice.  Taking time in our lives and in our asana practice to notice how we are feeling and what we are thinking is critical to maintaining our health and our peace of mind.  If you are in the middle of an asana and it hurts like bloody hell – Don’t ignore it.  That pain is a message that you need to adjust your position and/or come out of it completely.  If you are feeling groggy, heavy and spaced-out in your daily life, don’t ignore it. Those feelings are messages from your body that your diet and routine need adjustment.  If you really want to get everything done that is on your to-do list, you may just need to do a bit of tweaking.  The trick is to pay attention.  Taking time on and off your mat for self-study is an important part of living your yoga.

Speaking of yoga…I have a couple of really exciting offerings for you.  You probably noticed that I have expanded my teaching schedule to include two classes on Wednesday nights at River Tree Yoga in Fall City, and alternating Saturdays at River Tree Yoga.  That means that tomorrow morning you can come out to the woods and be inspired by their beauty and strength and a dynamic and powerful flow class. Come get your yoga on!

Sunday I will be offering my regular Sunday Salutation class at Village Green Yoga and a FREE sample class at 1:30pm.  brings your friends and family. Be aware that there will be extra traffic due to Salmon Days.


Discovering the Heart of Yoga – Dynamic Sequencing for Strength, Stability & Intentional Alignment
October 27th, 2013, 1:00 – 4:00pm
River Tree Yoga – Fall City
Moving from our core not only stabilizes our practice, it also invites us deeper into ourselves.  Core strength refers not only to  the strengthening and toning of the abdominal muscles which hold us stable in standing poses and allow us to float gracefully upward in inversions, it also refers to our ability to connect to the emotional essence of who we are, so that we may stand in our essence and act from our heart.

This workshop will help you discover the strength and stamina you need to live and move from the center of your being.  We will explore a range of asanas, including backbends and inversions, as well as breath work and meditation.
$30 pre-registration, $40/on-site registration

Mediation Retreat – Restoring your Soul
November 8 – 10, 2013
Whidbey Island

Guided and silent meditations, yoga (led by your truly), dharma talks, kabbalah, walking meditations, beautiful space, yummy food, laughter and friendships, reasonably priced – what more could you want?
While this workshop is led by Rabbi Olivier, and presented through Bet Alef Meditative Synagogue, you don’t need to be Jewish to attend.  The teachings of the Kabbalah are available to all of us, and can help guide us to a deeper connection to our souls and our  own personal connection to the Divine. Click here to learn more and register.

There are more workshops in plans, including one with live music and a special Practice of Thanksgiving.  Stay tuned for updates.


I look forward to seeing you both on and off the mat.


Shalom & Namaste,

Diana Bonyhadi

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