Yoga Events in Seattle

Summer in Seattle and there is so much to do.

Sailing, hiking, biking, kayaking, dining al fresco, concerts in the park, and of course, YOGA.

Make sure you put the following on your calendar.

Saturday July 16th, 10:00 – City of Hope Fundraiser Class at Samena Club in Bellevue.  I will be leading this special two hour celebration class, and all proceeds go directly to City of Hope.  You may have thought you missed your only opportunity last weekend, but no, we have created one last chance to do yoga and support this superior program for cancer research and treatment.Click here to sign up and learn more.

If you have the time and wanter to go further afield, check out Wanderlust in Squaw Valley California for a weekend of music, yoga and beautiful scenery.  I think this sounds so cool.


Diana Bonyhadi

Happy 4th of July

Did you know that if you hit shift -four instead of simply hitting the four, you get a dollar sign?  Thus 4th of July becomes $th of July, and I wonder if there was any significance in that typo?  Has celebrating American Freedom come to mean celebrating our quest for financial freedom?  Or the celebration of the almighty dollar as opposed to the celebration of the spirit of religious and political freedom upon which this country was founded?  I am afraid I am about to get to heavy and cynical here.  This is a yoga blog after all, and my original intention was to write a blog of celebration.

So first a scheduling note.  Sunday Salutation Class is cancelled this Sunday as I will be out of town with my family for the holiday weekend.  Do lift up your arms in celebration and bow to the earth in respect and bring your hands back to your heart in honor of the connection you provide between the heavens and the earth.

Playing at the beach

Second, Yoga for Hope:  Samena Club and I are joining forces to offer an Eastside event for Yoga for Hope on July 16th at 10:00. Yoga for Hope supports the work done at City of Hope for Cancer, AIDS and HIV/AIDS.  Come out and join us.  This is a really good organization, doing some of the most cutting edge research and providing the most nurturing and integrative of care for patients and their families.  You can support me and them by coming out on the 16th and doing some salutation with us and/or by clicking here and making a donation.

And now back to 4th of July.  I spend every 4th with my family in Cannon Beach, OR.  We have a great gathering of the clan.  Meals are shared on porches, bonfires lit on the beach. Old and young share in songs and s’mores around the bonfire.  And yes, we join in the annual parade.  It is truly a small town parade, half  the town is in it and the other half line the street, cheering.  Everyone dresses in red, white and blue.  In these moments, with family and friends surrounding me,  I am reminded of how truly lucky we are to live in this beautiful country.  And I honor the strength and perseverance of our forefathers, who left the confines of religious persecution to come to this country to start a new life.  On the 4th of July, I stop to honor their  strength and vision, and I hope that  our country will try to remember the purity of vision that brought so many of us here.  May we continue to open our hearts to others and support all peoples in their quest for freedom – freedom of religion, freedom from war, freedom from fear and hunger and persecution.  And may we take better care to support those freedoms within our country, so we can truly be a country of light and hope and possibility

So, lift up your arms, and let your heart shine forth.  Breathe in – in Celebration, and Exhale with Joy.  Sparkle!

Shalom & Namaste,

Diana Bonyhadi

Summer Update – Yoga for Hope

Summer in Seattle and it is still grey.  But we can do yoga anywhere and any time, and when we live our yoga beyond the mat, summer rain matters little.

Since last I wrote – a month ago? – I have seen my oldest son graduate from college, have driven across the country and sent my youngest off to New York City to study with the Joffrey Ballet.  So much has happened and yet so few posts.  I guess I had better learn to write more often.


Yoga for Hope  I will be hosting a benefit class at Samena Swim & Tennis Club to benefit Yoga for Hope on July 16th at 10:00am.  Come join us as we nourish our minds and bodies, and support the wonderful work of the folks at City of Hope.  City of Hope is a leading research, treatment center dedicated to the prevention, treatment and cure of cancer and other life threatening illnesses guided by a compassionate patient-centered philosophy.

Register now to sign up and support this amazing program. Click Here

Here is a photo from my recent adventures. The beauty of this country is inspiring.  This was taken at Yellowstone Lake.