Spring Cleaning

Yesterday was a perfect Spring day. It was sunny, the skies were a soft light blue, and  it was almost warm.  I had time to spend with friends.  I got to work in the garden and I got to go romp in the woods on  my mountain bike with my son and husband.  What could be better?

And today, the first official day of Spring, the weather has turned gray and rainy.  Oh well, that’s okay, because it is a good reminder that it takes our bodies a while to adjust to the change in seasons.  In the winter we create insulation within our bodies, our pace slows and and our perspective turns inward.  As we move into Springtime, we need to begin a slow process of cleansing and opening ourselves to the brighter, longer and warmer days.  Slowly we deepen our yoga practice. Add more inversions to help clean out that winter gunk (sometimes sinus stuff).  Turn up the volume and intensity on our asanas, to create more heat within to help cleanse the toxins from our organs. You might even find yourself craving backbends, which are excellent for heart opening, literally an opening up to the sun and Spring.  And as for food, again, if you listen you will notice that your tastes are changing.  Lighter soups, fresh salads with arugula, teas with lemongrass and chamomile, such different desires than a month ago.  This is your body’s natural way of transitioning from winter to spring.

What I have been talking about here, is the body’s natural inclination to stay in harmony with the Seasons.  Yoga is one limb of the ancient healing arts of Ayurveda.  Ayurvedic Medicine helps us to understand the fundamental elements and energies within us, and how we can create optimal health for ourselves, through diet, yoga, meditation and other practices.   Yoga Journal recently published a fantastic introductory  article explaining the relationship between our doschas. the weaather and your yoga practice.  Check it out: http://www.yogajournal.com/health/1721.

So, enjoy your first days of Spring.  Honor your desire to go outside and play.  Amp up your practice and create inner warmth to start flushing out that winter sludge.  Begin transitioning your diet to lighter fare.  And, recognize that the urge to clean your house of accumulated junk, is also a manifestation of your natural rhythms and your body’s need to bring itself into harmony with the season.  But remember, you don’t have to do it all at once.

Happy Spring!

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