Another amazing human body in motion video


It’s a snowy day in Seattle, and my classes were canceled today.  So instead of going out and teaching I spent a quiet day at home studying anatomy and watching videos.    This video and the others produced by this group are inspiring.  Enjoy.

Oh, and if you are ever on your way out to the airport, take a bit of extra time and drive on to Burien and check out Elliott Bay Brewing Company.  Their beer is delicious, the food is fresh, local and sustainably sourced and yummy, and they have not just one but two shuffle board tables both in excellent condition.  I stopped by there today and had the burger I had been craving and a fantastic beer and a game of shuffle board with my son.  Elliott Bay sure makes having to say good-bye to good friends a lot easier.

If you live up here in Seattle, enjoy the snow and be safe. Urban Oasis will be closed tomorrow, so those of you who are in my Tuesday morning and afternoon classes there, enjoy your home practice.


Shalom & Namaste,

Diana Bonyhadi


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