Tips for Healthy LIving in Times of Change

Full Moon, Red Moon, Super Close Moon
End of the Summer
Beginning of School
Season of Change
Returning to You

Dear Yogis,

If you haven’t felt it yet, be prepared.  This is a time of big transitions.  A time in which you may find yourself feeling restless, untethered, slightly at odds.  You may have just experienced some major changes in your life (I sure did) or be about to step into a whole new era of your life.  Truly this can be unsettling. But the good news is that you are not alone, and you are most likely  moving into such wonderful goodness it will make the all the flux worth it. And there is much you can do to weather these transitions more smoothly.

Here are some suggestions to help you sail the seas of transitions with greater equanimity.  These come from the scientific/medical limb of yoga known as Ayurveda.  You can choose to adopt some or all of these practices. You can even consult with an ayurvedic doctor near you to help you design a program specifically for your doscha.  The most important thing to remember is to take care of and nourish your self, and to honor your body’s need to cleanse, and your spirit/mind’s need to reflect.

Recipe for self-care in times of transition:

Get more sleep – go to bed earlier, but don’t sleep in too late.

Take naps – yes a 20 minute nap can make a huge difference in how you feel.
Take warm baths – they warm you up and give you time for reflection.
Walk at least 20 minutes 3-4 times a week (daily is best) – its good for your heart.
Practice yoga – hold poses longer and add restorative poses to your practice.
Meditate – even just 10 minutes a day will make a huge difference.
Drink less caffeine – when you feel tired, try that 5-10 minute meditation.
Reduce or eliminate alcohol.
Reduce or eliminate sugar, dairy.
Drink more warm fluids or soup.
Add Ghee (clarified butter) to your diet – it lubricates the digestive system and helps to rid the body of toxins.
Avoid spicy foods.
Eat your big meal at mid-day.
Get a massage or two.
Give yourself a massage – rubbing your hands, feet arms and legs with massage oil.

I hope you find this helpful.  For more information, refer to Guru-Google and search ayurveda, doscha, fall equinox, etc.

Speaking of changes, by now many of you know I have moved to West Seattle.  Its a big change and I am incredibly happy. Don’t worry, I will  continue to teach all my classes this Fall at Village Green Yoga and at River Tree Yoga. Unfortunately, I no longer have my home studio, but will be happy to offer private sessions to all of my clients in their homes or at a local studio on the east side.  And if you want to practice with a view of the water, I welcome you here in my home.

Warm Wishes for a healthy Autumn.

Shalom & Namaste

Diana Bonyhadi

Learning to Bless and Accept Change

“See, this day I set before you blessing and curse; choose blessing that you may live”
Deuteronomy 11:26

Sometimes when we least expect it, the universe throws us a curve ball.  The question is:  how do we relate to and manage change.  Even when situations seem haphazard, chaotic, sad, or frustrating, our work is to stay present to the possibilities for growth in the moment of transition.

For most of Seattle, last week was all about change.  The change that happens when you are stuck in a snowstorm.  Snow and ice were every where, keeping many of us from conducting business “as usual.”  In fact many of us couldn’t even get out of the house to do our “stuff.”  On top of that, many folks lost power and didn’t have access to their computers and other electronic distractions.  For some this was a time of great frustration, but I have also heard wonderful stories of how families and friends came together and supported one another, and had fun playing in the snow.  For those who chose the path of blessing, the snowstorm was beautiful and productive.

Of course, there are all those other big changes that happen: moving, sickness, loss of a loved one, loss of employment, the list goes on.  And while there is no denying that these are difficult and painful moments of transition, we must learn to accept that they can and will happen.  Our work is to choose how we will respond to them.

This past year we had the honor of sharing the last months of life with a very dear friend.  Of course we were devastated when he passed.  But we also were able to be present for that moment of passing and to feel blessed by the time we shared with him.  Our choice was either to sink into the sadness of our loss, or to embrace the goodness of his life.  I still cry, but I also smile when I recall our time spent together. A blessing.

On Monday of this week, another big change came my way.  As many of you now know, I am no longer teaching at Urban Oasis.  I have greatly enjoyed my time there and learned a great deal from my many wonderful students.  The next evolution of my practice will be at Village Green Yoga, where I will expand my current teaching schedule to include the Tuesday and Thursday Vinyasa classes previously available elsewhere.  So the big changes of this week have offered me moments of reflection and the opportunity to expand my outreach and have greater simplicity and continuity in my life. A blessing.

Here’s to embracing change, an everyday practice.  We just never know what is around the corner.

Shalom & Namaste,

Diana Bonyhadi